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World Day Of Social Justice 2023 : Theme

World Day Of Social Justice 2023: Theme

Social justice provides equal social, political, and economic opportunities for all.

  • The World Day of Social Justice is celebrated by the United Nations and several other international organizations on February 20.
  • The main objective of observing world social justice day is to spread awareness of the relationship between poverty eradication and social justice.
  • The day also focuses on decent work for labourers
  • In 2023, the day focuses on building trust in world governments.
  • With COVID, the Russian-Ukraine war, and climate change-related disasters, the normal lives of the people were disrupted.
  • Also, with increasing inflation, unemployment, lack of food security, and food scarcity; people lost their trust in governments. Therefore, there is a need to strengthen the social system that is in a fractured state today.
  • The theme of World Day of Social Justice 2023 : Overcoming Barriers and Unleashing Opportunities for Social Justice