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World Energy Employment 2023 Report

World Energy Employment 2023 Report:

The International Energy Association released the World Energy Employment 2023 report.

Key findings:

  • Global employment in the energy sector grew by 3.4 million over pre-pandemic levels to 67 million in 2022.
  • “Clean energy sectors added 4.7 million jobs globally over the same period and stand at 35 million.
  • Fossil fuel jobs recovered more slowly after layoffs in 2020 and remain around 1.3 million below pre-pandemic employment levels, at 32 million.
  • Job growth in the clean energy as well as fossil fuel sectors remained positive in India compared to pre-pandemic levels of 2019.
  • With this, the country saw the fourth-highest number of new clean energy jobs being created in the past three years.
  • The report mentioned five major sectors of the energy industry that led to maximum job creation post-pandemic.
  • These sectors were solar PV, wind, electric vehicles (EVs) and battery manufacturing, heat pumps, and critical mineral
  • These five sectors have employed around 9 million workers until Out of all the sectors, Solar PV emerged as the largest, with around 4 million jobs.
  • On the other hand, the manufacturing of EVs and their batteries was the largest source of growth.