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JIMEX Exercise-24

JIMEX Exercise-24: JIMEX exercise–24 commenced at Yokosuka in Japan. JIMEX- 2024 is the eighth edition of JIMEX, since its inception in 2012. The exercise includes both harbour and sea phases. The harbour phase will comprise professional, sports and social interactions. During the exercise, navies of both the countries will jointly hone their war fighting skills […]

Divya Drishti AI Tool

Divya Drishti AI Tool: A Woman-led Start-up Developed ‘Divya Drishti’, a cutting-edge AI Tool for Personal Identification, under a Technology Development Fund. The AI tool “Divya Drishti” integrates face recognition with immutable physiological parameters such as gait and skeleton. It was developed by Ingenious Research Solutions Pvt Ltd., a start-up established by a woman entrepreneur, […]

Liquid Improvised Explosive Device

Liquid Improvised Explosive Device: Liquid explosives seem to have made a comeback in Jammu and Kashmir militancy theatre after 17 years as a recent raid by police in the Union territory led to the recovery of such “difficult-to-detect (d2d)” Improvised Explosive Devices. Forensic examination indicated that it could be trinitrotoluene (TNT) or nitroglycerine, generally used […]

Chlorella Growth Factor

Chlorella Growth Factor: Scientists at CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) have spotlighted the potential of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), a protein-rich extract derived from the microalgae ‘Chlorella sorokiniana’, as an ideal ingredient for a wide range of food and feed applications. Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is rich in amino acids and proteins of high […]

Google Search Algorithms

Google Search Algorithms: An anonymous email claiming access to Google’s Search algorithm API documents was recently disclosed. API documents, or Application Programming Interface documents, are comprehensive guides that detail the functionalities, parameters, endpoints, and usage instructions for developers seeking to integrate with or utilize an API (Application Programming Interface). Google’s search algorithms are intricate systems […]