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Sanatan Khadi Vastra

Sanatan Khadi Vastra: Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) launched a new range of ‘Sanatan Khadi Vastra’. KVIC Chairman Manoj Kumar launched Sanatan Vastra made from Khadi clothes at the flagship Khadi Bhawan in Connaught Place in Delhi. Sanatan Khadi Vastra by: Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC). The design of Sanatan clothing has been […]

FiloBot : Plant-Inspired Robot

FiloBot : Plant-Inspired Robot A new innovative plant-inspired robot which is named FiloBot has been developed that climbs up structures just like climbing vines. FiloBot is different from conventional climbing robots as it doesn’t depend on pre-programmed movements. It instead absorbs 3D printing filament through its head and extends its length over time, just like […]

Parakram Diwas

Parakram Diwas: The Prime Minister of India has extended greetings to the people of India on Parakram Diwas. Parakram Diwas is celebrated on January 23 to commemorate the birth anniversary of freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose. This year marks the 127th birth anniversary of Bose, fondly known as ‘Netaji’. Parakram Diwas aims to instil fearlessness […]

Exercise Khanjar

Exercise Khanjar: India-Kyrgyzstan Joint Special Forces Exercise KHANJAR has commenced at the Special Forces Training School in Bakloh, Himachal Pradesh. Exercise Khanjar was first initiated in December 2011, in Nahan, India. It is the 11th edition of India-Kyrgyzstan Joint Special Forces Exercise. It is an annual event conducted alternately in both the countries. The Indian […]

FAO’s Committee On Fisheries : India Elected As First Vice Chair

FAO’s Committee On Fisheries : India Elected As First Vice Chair India has been elected as the First Vice Chair of the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Committee on Fisheries (COFI) Sub-Committee on Fisheries Management. FAO’s Committee on Fisheries is a subsidiary body of the Food and Agriculture Organization. It was established by the FAO Conference […]

Andrographis theniensis : New Plant Species

Andrographis theniensis : New Plant Species A new plant species has been discovered in Theni district of Tamil Nadu in the Western Ghats by a research student from Wanaparthy. Andrographis theniensis is a plant, which was named ‘Andrographis theniensis’ after the location (Theni). The new plant resembles Andrographis megamalayana. It has glabrous leaves and stems, […]

Coral Reef

Coral Reef: Scientists have mapped the largest known deep-sea coral reef off the US Atlantic coast, stretching about 310 miles from Florida to South Carolina. Unlike tropical coral reefs, deep-sea coral must filter food particles from the water for energy. The newly discovered reef, which provides habitat for various marine species, has been called “breathtaking […]