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Green Elections

Green Elections: The Election Commission of India (ECI) voiced its concern over the environmental risks associated with the use of non-biodegradable materials in elections. Amidst the climate crisis, shifting to sustainable practices across every sphere of human activity has become inevitable and urgent. Green Elections are practices that aim to reduce the environmental impact of […]

Green Steel Policy

Green Steel Policy: The Steel Ministry is developing a comprehensive green steel policy, encompassing the manufacturing process, required skill set, and funding support, as part of a complete decarbonization strategy. Green steel is the eco-friendly production of steel with lower greenhouse gas emissions, possibly reducing costs and enhancing quality compared to traditional methods. The steel […]

Unite Aware Platform : New Database

Unite Aware Platform : New Database India launched a new database (Unite Aware platform) to record crimes against UN peacekeepers and monitor progress in holding perpetrators accountable. It was launched by the India-led Group of Friends (GOF) initiative in its second meeting to promote accountability for crimes against peacekeepers. The database will serve as an […]