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3rd Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM) : India Participation

3rd Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM):

India participated in the 3rd Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM) and shared plans for research and long-term cooperation in the Arctic Region.

  • The first two meetings—ASM1 and ASM2—were held in the USA in 2016 and Germany in 2018, respectively.
  • The Arctic region comprises the Arctic Ocean and parts of countries such as Canada, Denmark (Greenland), Norway, Russia, USA (Alaska), Finland, Sweden and Iceland.
  • These countries together form the core of the Arctic Council, an intergovernmental forum.
  • HQ: Norway

Third Arctic Science Ministerial Conference:

  • Host Countries: It was jointly organised by Iceland and Japan.
  • It was the first Ministerial meeting being held in Asia (Tokyo in Japan).
  • Objective: It provides opportunities to various stakeholders, including academia, indigenous communities, governments and policymakers, to enhance collective understanding of the Arctic region, emphasize and engage in constant monitoring, and strengthen observations.
  • Theme: ‘Knowledge for a Sustainable Arctic’.

India’s Stand:

  • To contribute observing systems in the Arctic, both in-situ and by remote sensing.
  • Would deploy open ocean mooring in the Arctic for long-term monitoring of upper ocean variables and marine meteorological parameters.
  • The launch of the NISAR (NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellite mission, in collaboration with the USA, is underway.
    Contributions to the Sustained Arctic Observational Network (SAON) would continue.