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5th World Coffee Conference (WCC) At Bengaluru

5th World Coffee Conference (WCC) At Bengaluru:

International Coffee Organization (ICO), in collaboration with the Coffee Board of India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, Government of Karnataka is hosting the 5th World Coffee Conference (WCC) at Bengaluru.

  • International Coffee Organization was established in 1963 under the aegis of the United Nations and following the approval of the first International Coffee Agreement in 1962.
  • The ICO is the only intergovernmental organization for coffee, bringing together exporting and importing Governments.
  • It currently represents 93% of world coffee production and 63% of world consumption.
  • The mission of the Organization is to strengthen the global coffee sector and promote its sustainable expansion in a market-based environment for the benefit of all actors in the Global Coffee Value Chain (G-CVC).
  • Member countries: 49 (42 coffee exporting and 7 importing countries) 49 Members
  • India is a member of this organisation.