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Agriculture Census

Agriculture Census:

The Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare launched “The Eleventh Agricultural Census (2021-22).”

  • This computation will bring huge benefits in a vast and agricultural country like India.
  • Agriculture Census is conducted every 5 years, which is being undertaken now after delay due to the Covid – 19 Pandemic.
  • Entire Census operation is conducted in three phases and operational holding is taken as a statistical unit at micro level for data collection.
  • Based on the agriculture census data collected in three phases, the Department brings out three detailed reports analyzing trends on various parameters at All India and States/UTs level.
  • District/Tehsil level reports are prepared by the respective States/UTs.
  • Agricultural Census is the main source of information on a variety of agricultural parameters at a relatively minute level, such as the number and area of operational holdings, their size, class-wise distribution, land use, tenancy and cropping pattern, etc.

Eleventh Census:

  • The field work of the agricultural census will start in August 2022.
  • This is the first time that data collection for agricultural census will be conducted on smartphones and tablets, so that data is available in time.
  • It includes:
    • Use of digital land records like land title records and survey reports
    • Collection of data through app/software using smartphone/tablet.
    • Complete enumeration of all villages in states with non-land records during Phase-I as done in states having land records.
    • Real time monitoring of progress and processing.
    • Most of the States have digitized their land records and surveys, which will further accelerate the collection of agricultural census data.
    • The use of digitized land records and the use of mobile apps for data collection will enable the creation of a database of operational holdings in the country.