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Aliva Program To Eradicate Child Marriage

Aliva Program To Eradicate Child Marriage:

With the aim of eradicating child marriage, Nayagarh, a tiny Odisha district, has adopted a unique initiative by scrupulously recording information on all adolescent girls in the district.

  • From birth registration date to Aadhaar number, from family details to skill training, information of 48,642 adolescent girls can be found in registers named Aliva.
  • Nayagarh, with a population of 9,62,789, has a skewed sex ratio at 855. Child marriages the district are still considered a part of their social life.
  • Observing that child marriages are solemnised in the age group of 14-19 and dropouts among girls’ students continued to be high, the district administration launched the Aliva programme in January this year.
  • Anganwadi workers had been asked to identify every adolescent girl in their jurisdiction and keep tabs on them.
  • There are 1,584 registers available in 1,584 Anganwadi centres of the district.