Konyak Naga Tribes

Konyak Nagas:

The Konyak Union (KU), the apex body of the Konyak Naga tribe that resides in Nagaland’s Mon district, Monday, has announced fresh regulations to continue its “non-cooperation” with the armed forces on Konyak soil — a decision took following the killing of 14 civilians in Oting village in a security ambush recently.

Konyak Nagas:

  • They are the largest of the Naga tribes.
  • In Nagaland, they inhabit the Mon District—also known as ‘The Land of The Anghs’.
  • The Anghs/Wangs are their traditional chiefs whom they hold in high esteem.
  • Facial tattoos were earned for taking an enemy’s head.
  • Other unique traditional practices that set the Konyaks apart are: gunsmithing, iron-smelting, brass-works, and gunpowder-making. They are also adept in making ‘janglaü’ (machetes) and wooden sculptures.
  • Festivals: Aoleng, a festival celebrated in the first week of April (1-6) to welcome the spring and also to invoke the Almighty’s (Kahwang) blessing upon the land before seed-sowing, is the biggest festival of the Konyaks. Another festival, ‘Lao Ong Mo’, is the traditional harvest festival celebrated in the months of August/September.

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