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Astronaut Lora O’Hara, currently stationed aboard the International Space Station, recently shared images showcasing the Alpenglow phenomenon near the Hindu Kush mountain range.

  • Alpenglow is a natural phenomenon when mountain slopes are illuminated by the sun as it rises or sets.
  • The slopes turn a rosy, reddish, or orange hue depending on the angle of the sun and atmospheric conditions.
  • It occurs during the twilight hours before or after sunset. It can also occur in the first minutes after the sun rises or sets.
  • Alpenglow typically occurs in the range of colours between red, pink, and orange.
  • This is because these are the longest warm rays of electromagnetic waves (light) they reach various surfaces, while cold rays are shorter and disappear faster in the atmosphere.
  • Its vibrancy and colour depend on the location of the sun, the angle of the light, and other atmospheric conditions like clouds, humidity, and particulates.
  • It can change quickly depending on how fast the sun sets on any given day.