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Amazon’s Foray Into Advanced AI With “Olympus”

Amazon’s Foray Into Advanced AI With “Olympus”:

Amazon is investing heavily in an advanced large language model (LLM) called “Olympus.”

  • This model is reported to have 2 trillion parameters, potentially outstripping OpenAI’s GPT-4, which has one trillion.
  • Details of the project have been kept under wraps, with sources discussing it under anonymity.
  • Amazon has not made an official statement following the information leak.
  • Amazon has developed smaller models such as Titan and has collaborations with AI startups like Anthropic and AI21 Labs.
  • These partnerships extend the reach of Amazon’s AI capabilities to AWS users.
  • By developing in-house LLMs, Amazon aims to enhance AWS offerings.
  • The move could attract enterprise clients seeking access to top-tier AI models on AWS.
  • LLMs are designed to process vast datasets and generate responses akin to human interaction.
  • The training of larger models incurs high costs due to the significant computing power involved.