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Annual Death Penalty Report, 2022

Annual Death Penalty Report, 2022:

Project 39A, a group associated with the National Law University recently released a report called the Annual Death Penalty Report, 2022.

  • According to the report, the number of death penalty prisoners in India increased to 539 in 2022. It was 490 in 2021.
  • India has 539 death-sentenced prisoners as of 2022.
  • This is a 40% increase as compared to the numbers in 2015
  • UP had the highest death sentences followed by Gujarat and Jharkhand

Key Findings:

  • 3% of death rows were judged by trial courts.
  • SC pronounced 11 death penalty judgments and High Courts in the country pronounced 68 death sentences
  • Appellate courts pronounced the least number of death sentences
  • Of all the crimes, sexual violence received the maximum death penalty. Almost one–third of the capital punishments were for sexual violence
  • In Gujarat, 51 people were sentenced to death by the Sessions court
  • In UP Sessions Court: 32
  • In Jharkhand sessions court: 17
  • No death sentences were pronounced in the courts of J&K, Delhi, Telangana, and Manipur
  • Two out of every 165 death sentences were pronounced on women