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AUKUS Meet 2023

AUKUS Meet 2023:

AUKUS meet was held recently.

  • Australia, United States, and United Kingdom (AUKUS) Alliance is a trilateral security partnership for the Indo-Pacific, between Australia, the UK, and the US (AUKUS).
  • It is based on a shared commitment of its three members to deepen diplomatic, security, and defense cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.
  • Under it, the U.S., and the U.K. will help Australia deploy nuclear-powered submarines in the Pacific region.
  • The focus would be on protecting shared values and promoting security and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • AUKUS Alliance will involve a new architecture of engagements across emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, cyber capabilities, and additional undersea capabilities.
  • It will help Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines (SSNs) in cooperation with the UK & the US.
  • AUKUS will contain the rise of China, particularly its rapid militarisation and aggressive behavior in the Pacific region, especially in and around the South China Sea.
  • It also gives US focus for its post-Afghanistan tilt to Asia.
  • The AUKUS deal seeks to address core US concerns of regional security, deterrence, and balance of power in the Indo-Pacific.
  • It will enhance Australia’s contribution to its other partnerships, including the QUAD.