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Autonomous Weaponised Boat Swarms

Autonomous Weaponised Boat Swarms:

The Indian Navy has recently given accordance of necessity (AON) approval for 12 autonomous weaponised boat swarms, which have been developed by Pune-based Sagar Defence Engineering.

  • The agreement between the Indian Navy and the organisation marks the 50th contract awarded under the SPRINT program.
  • Autonomous Weaponised Boat Swarms are strategically designed for naval tactics, employing a coordinated deployment of numerous small unmanned boats to overwhelm an adversary’s naval defenses.
  • They are equipped with a variety of weapons and sensors that are capable of remote or autonomous operation.
  • They are equipped with an integrated system capable of executing a variety of naval and security missions, such as littoral/ODA Patrol, High-Speed Interdiction, Coastal Surveillance, Local Naval Defence, Constabulary Operations, C4ISR, Medium-Sized Unmanned Surface Vessel, and Low-Intensity Maritime Operations (LIMO).