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The Centre on Monday launched indigenously-developed AVGAS 100 LL, a special aviation fuel meant for piston engine aircraft and unmanned ariel vehicles.

  • The fuel has been developed by Indian Oil Corporation.
  • Avgas or aviation gasoline is an aviation fuel that powers spark-ignited combustion engines in aircraft.
  • It is different from conventional gasoline (petrol) used in motor vehicles as it contains tetraethyl lead, which is a highly toxic substance used to prevent engine knocking (premature detonation).
  • It is a higher-octane Aviation fuel meeting the product specifications with superior performance quality standards, as compared to imported grades.
  • The indigenous availability of AV GAS 100 LL will help reduce dependence on imports and address the associated logistical challenges.
  • Country will be able to save precious foreign exchange with the in-house availability of this product.