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Caste based Census : Bihar

Caste based Census : Bihar

A multi-party meeting held in Bihar unanimously decided to start the caste-based census very soon after the proposal is placed in the Cabinet.

  • All parties which have representation in the legislature attended the meeting, chaired by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.
  • It would be a “time-bound exercise and each and every detail of caste, sub-castes, community and religion will be taken care of for the development of all people”.
  • Earlier, the Bihar Legislature passed resolutions twice for caste-based census and an 11-member all-party delegation too had met Prime Minister Narendra Modi to demand the exercise.
  • However, the Central government had rejected their demand saying it would be a “divisive exercise” but said “States can hold caste census on their own”.
  • Once this exercise will be over in Bihar, the other States too may follow suit and the whole nation will be covered”, the Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, said.

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