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Ceasefire Between Israel And Palestine

Ceasefire Between Israel And Palestine:

After three days of violence between Israel and Palestine, which resulted in killing of dozens of populations in both the countries, a ceasefire took place recently.

  • Earlier this year as well, tensions flared up at Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque between the Palestinians and Israeli police.
  • These recurring clashes are part of the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

Reason for Conflict:

  • Israeli aircraft  targets (Islamic Jihad Leaders) in Gaza.
  • In response, Iran-backed Palestinian Jihad militant group fired hundreds of rockets at Israel.
  • Islamic Jihad has fewer fighters and supporters than Hamas.
  • Israel launched its operation with a strike on a leader of the Islamic Jihad, and followed up on with another targeted strike on a second prominent leader.
  • As per the Israeli army, militants in Gaza fired about 580 rockets toward Israel.
  • Israel had intercepted many of them, with two of those shot down being fired toward Jerusalem.
  • The U.N. Security Council scheduled an emergency meeting on the violence.
  • China, which holds the council presidency for August 2022, scheduled the session in response to a request from the United
  • Arab Emirates, which represents Arab nations on the council, as well as China, France, Ireland and Norway.