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China handed Over The First Type 054A/P Frigate (warship) To Pakistan

China handed Over The First Type 054A/P Frigate (warship) To Pakistan:

China handed over the first Type 054A/P frigate (warship) to Pakistan. It is named the PNS Tughril.

  • The PNS Tughril is the first hull of four Type 054 frigates being constructed for the Pakistan Navy.
  • The ship is a technologically advanced and highly capable platform with enormous surface-to-surface, surface-to-air and underwater firepower, besides extensive surveillance potentials.
  • This warship has world-class stealth capability and can easily dodge any radar.
  • It also has long-range missiles and a state-of-the-art cannon capable of firing multiple rounds in a minute.
  • The warship is fitted with a state-of-the-art Battle Management System (BMS), which will increase the fighting capability of the Pakistan Navy manifold.
  • BMS basically helps communicate between the radar and the interceptor missile.