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China’s Zhurong Rover

China’s Zhurong Rover:

China’s Zhurong rover has peered under the surface of Mars and has found evidence of two huge floods that shaped the landscape.

  • Since May 2021, Zhurong has been exploring Utopia Planitia, in Mars’s northern hemisphere.
  • Images from the rover’s ground-penetrating radar found layered patterns under the surface, which are made of sedimentary rocks carried in by two major floods around 1.6 billion years ago.
  • China’s Zhurong rover landed in the Utopia Planitia, a 2,000-miles-wide (3,300 kilometers) basin in the Northern Hemisphere of Mars, in May 2021.
  • Since then, the rover has been studying local geology, chemical composition of rocks, and local weather conditions using its six scientific instruments.
  • Zhurong has already completed its primary mission of 90 sols. But the rover is continuing its way to the south of its landing site, collecting data as it goes.