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The human brain, comprising billions of neurons, forms a complex network vital for our existence and cognition. Understanding this intricate network, known as the connectome, offers profound insights into brain function and neurological disorders.

  • Connectome Concept represents a comprehensive map of neural connections, akin to a blueprint illustrating the electrical and chemical signals exchanged between neurons.
  • A neuron consists of a cell body containing the nucleus, dendrites for receiving input, and an axon for sending messages, sometimes enveloped by a myelin sheath for faster signal transmission.
  • Neurons communicate through synapses, where dendrites receive chemical signals, convert them to electrical impulses, and transmit them through axons to other neurons.
  • Despite the brain’s complexity and data volume, the connectome simplifies scientists’ understanding, facilitating advancements in neuroscience and neurological health research.
  • Mapping the connectome aids in comprehending brain function and the impact of conditions like Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Alzheimer’s disease on neural processes.