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Dagmara Hydro-Electric Project: Bihar

Dagmara Hydro-Electric Project,: Bihar:

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC) Limited and Bihar State Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited (BSHPC) for Implementation of Dagmara Hydro-Electric Project, Supaul, Bihar.

  • NHPC is a Category-A Miniratna Company under the Ministry of Power, in the field of Hydropower.
  • It is the largest organization for hydropower development in India, currently, NHPC has 24 operational power stations with a total installed capacity of 7071 Mega Watt (MW).
  • The project is located near village Dagmara on the right bank and Simri on the left bank, about 22.5 km downstream of Bhimnagar barrage on Kosi river.
  • It is a Run-of-the-River scheme. Run-of-river hydro projects use the natural downward flow of rivers and microturbine generators to capture the kinetic energy carried by water.
  • Typically water is taken from the river at a high point and diverted to a channel, pipeline, or pressurized pipeline (or penstock).
  • The project will have the total capacity of generating 130 MW energy, in which 17 units of 7.65 MW will be installed for power generation.
  • The estimated cost of construction of this project is at Rs. 2478.24 crore.