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Delhi Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Bill

Delhi Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Bill:

The bill will be tabled in the Parliament.

  • It aims to merge the Capital’s three municipal corporations — South, North and East — ten years after the trifurcation of the civic body.
  • In 2011, the state government had proposed the trifurcation for better efficiency.

Constitutional Provisions related to Municipal Corporations:

  • In the Constitution of India, no provision was made for the establishment of local self-government, except the incorporation of Article 40 in the Directive Principles of State Policy.
  • The 74th Amendment Act, 1992 has inserted a new Part IX-A into the Constitution which deals with the administration of Municipalities and Nagar Palikas.
  • It consists of Article 243P to 243ZG.
  • It also added a new twelfth schedule to the Constitution.
  • The 12th schedule consists of 18 items.