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Diplomatic Passport

Diplomatic Passport:

After sexual abuse allegations surfaced against Janata Dal (Secular) MP Prajwal Revanna, he fled to Germany using a diplomatic passport.

  • Diplomatic passports are issued to individuals representing a country on official diplomatic missions or government business.
  • They are used by diplomats, government officials, and sometimes their immediate family members.
  • These passports are a form of identification and carry certain legal privileges and immunities under international law, such as immunity from arrest, detention, and certain legal proceedings in the host country.
  • In India, the Ministry of External Affairs’ Consular, Passport & Visa Division issues diplomatic passports, also known as ‘Type D’ passports, to individuals falling into several categories:
  • Government-appointed individuals and officers working under branches A and B of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) traveling abroad for official business
  • Select individuals on official travel, including union ministers and Members of Parliament (MPs).