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Dirty Bomb Attack : Russia -Ukraine War

Dirty Bomb Attack : Russia -Ukraine War


Russia intends to raise at the United Nations Security Council its accusation that Ukraine is planning a “dirty bomb” attack.

Key Highlights:

  • Russia has warned that the use of the “dirty bomb” by Ukraine will be regarded as an act of nuclear terrorism.
  • Earlier, the General Assembly voted to condemn Russia’s “ illegal annexation” of four partially occupied regions in Ukraine.

Dirty Bomb:

  • A dirty bomb combines radioactive material with explosives.
  • Aim: To cause harm by spreading radioactive material that can contaminate an area and poison the human body.
  • Different from a nuclear bomb which utilises radioactive materials to create an explosion.
  • Material used in Dirty Bomb:
    • Cesium-137
    • RDX(Explosives)
    • like Cobalt-60(High-energy gamma emitters)