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Dragon’s Egg Nebula

Dragon’s Egg Nebula:

Astronomers have been puzzled by a nebula, nicknamed the Dragon’s Egg, which comprises a cloud of gas and dust enveloping a binary star system.

  • The Dragon’s Egg Nebula formed due to the intense stellar winds emitted by a massive, hot central star.
  • One of the stars in the pair of binary stars has a magnetic field, while the other does not, which is unusual for massive stars.
  • The magnetic star is about 30 times more massive than the Sun, while its companion is about 26.5 times more massive than the Sun.
  • The researchers believe the system started as a triple star system about 4-6 million years ago.
  • The merger of the two innermost stars ejected gas and dust into space, forming the nebula around 7,500 years ago.
  • The nebula contains an unusually large amount of nitrogen due to the merger.