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e-DAR Portal

e-DAR Portal:

The Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways (MoRTH) developed the portal named ‘e-DAR’ (e-Detailed Accident Report).

  • The portal provides instant information on road accidents and helps accelerate accident compensation claims, bringing relief to victims’ families.
  • Road safety continues to be a major developmental issue, a public health concern and a leading cause of death and injury across the world.
  • It kills more than 1.35 million globally as reported in the Global Status report on Road Safety 2018 with 90% of these casualties taking place in the developing countries and 11% alone being accounted for by India.
  • As per the Report on Road accidents in India 2019, the accident related deaths in India in 2019 were 1,51,113 in number.
  • Digitalised Detailed Accident Reports (DAR) will be uploaded to the portal for easy access.
  • The web portal will be linked to the Integrated Road Accident Database (iRAD).
  • From iRAD, applications to more than 90% of the datasets would be pushed directly to the e-DAR.
  • Stakeholders like the police, road authorities, hospitals, etc., are required to enter very minimal information for the e-DAR forms.
  • Thus, e-DAR would be an extension and e-version of iRAD.
  • DAR portal would conduct multiple checks against fake claims by conducting a sweeping search of vehicles involved in the accident, the date of the accident, and the First Information Report number.
  • The portal would be linked to other government portals like Vaahan or and would get access to information on driving licence details and registration of vehicles.
  • Hotspots for accidents would also be identified so as to obtain solutions to avoid accidents at these hotspots.