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Exercise Sea Dragon-24

Exercise Sea Dragon-24:

Indian Navy’s P8I aircraft landed at Guam, a US island territory in Western Pacific, to participate in Exercise Sea Dragon – 24.

  • Exercise Sea Dragon-24 is an elite multinational maritime exercise that encourages professional exchanges and teamwork among participating navies.
  • Participating countries: India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and the US.
  • The exercise seeks to improve skills in a variety of maritime combat domains through a number of aerial and ground-based tasks, including:
    • Anti-submarine warfare (ASW): Locating and neutralising enemy submarines hiding beneath the seas.
    • Surface warfare: Coordinated attacks on hostile surface vessels using superior weaponry and tactics.
    • Air defence: Putting up an impenetrable air barrier to keep friendly forces safe from aerial threats.
    • Search and rescue (SAR): Tracking down and saving maritime personnel in need.
    • Communication and coordination: Synchronising activities across several platforms and exchanging information in a seamless manner.