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First Woman From The Nyishi Tribe To Scale Mt. Everest

First Woman From The Nyishi Tribe To Scale Mt. Everest:

Mountaineer and cricketer Kabak Yano etched her name in history recently by becoming the fifth woman from Arunachal Pradesh and the first woman from the Nyishi tribe to scale Mt. Everest.

  • Nyishi Tribe are the largest ethnic group in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • In Nishi, their traditional language, Nyi refers to “a man” and the word shi denotes “a being”, which combined together refers to a civilized human being.
  • The Nyishi language belongs to the Sino-Tibetan family; however, its origin is disputed.
  • They are concentrated in eight districts of Arunachal Pradesh, East Kameng, Pakke Kesang, Papum Pare, Lower Subansiri, Kamle, Kra Daadi, Kurung Kumey and Upper Subansiri.
  • They also live in Sonitpur and the North Lakhimpur district of Assam.
  • Their population of around 300,000 makes them the most populous tribe in Arunachal Pradesh, closely followed by the combined tribes of the Adis and the Galos, who were the most populous in the 2001 census.
  • The Nyishi support themselves with slash-and-burn agricultureand hunting and fishing.
  • Along with agriculture and allied activities, the Nyishis are experts in handicrafts such as weaving, cane and bamboo works, pottery, blacksmithing, wood carving, carpentry, etc.