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Flag Satyagraha : Madhya Pradesh

Flag Satyagraha:

The Ministry of Culture on 18th June had organized a program to observe the Flag Satyagraha in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

  • The Flag Satyagraha movement by the freedom fighters shook the British government and it infused a new life into the freedom movement.
  • Also called the Jhanda Satyagraha, it was held in Jabalpur and Nagpur in 1923.
  • The news of flag hoisting in Jabalpur spread like fire in the country and after flags were hoisted at several places across the country.
  • It is a campaign of peaceful civil disobedience that focused on exercising the right and freedom to hoist the nationalist flag and challenge the legitimacy of the British Rule in India through the defiance of laws prohibiting the hoisting of nationalist flags and restricting civil freedoms.