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Flamingo Project And The Enigmatic S8 Tension

Flamingo Project And The Enigmatic S8 Tension:

FLAMINGO project aimed to shed light on this cosmic mystery, but the findings have introduced a perplexing conundrum known as the “S8 tension.”

  • The S8 tension is a measure of the lumpiness or clustering of matter in the universe.
  • It can be precisely calculated using low-redshift observations, such as weak gravitational lensing surveys, which provide insights into the structure of the distant, ancient universe.
  • The FLAMINGO project, or Full-hydro Large-scale structure simulations with All-sky Mapping for the Interpretation of Next Generation Observations, embarked on a comprehensive quest to address this cosmic puzzle.
  • Unlike previous simulations that solely considered the effects of dark matter on the evolving universe, FLAMINGO’s simulation factored in the influence of both dark matter and ordinary matter, governed by gravity and gas pressure.