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G20-Chief Science Advisers Roundtable

G20-Chief Science Advisers Roundtable:

The planning meeting of the G20-Chief Science Advisers Roundtable (G20-CSAR) was held online mode, to discuss the agenda topics and planning for the proposed high-level roundtables.

  • G20-Chief Science Advisers Roundtable is a government-to-government level initiative conceptualised through India’s G20-Presidency.
  • It will be an effective platform to discuss and achieve solutions to some of the long pending as well as anticipated issues related to scientific research, technology development and deployment.
  • Under this initiative, the Chief Science Advisers and their equivalents of G20 member countries, as well as the invited countries will discuss and develop collaborative frameworks for all involved countries.
  • This initiative will also help in establishing an effective and coherent global science advice mechanism.
  • The two high-level G20-CSAR meetings will be organised : the 1st G20-CSAR during 26-28 March 2023 at Hyderabad and the 2nd G20-CSAR during 27-29 Aug 2023 at Bengaluru.