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Geothermal Power

Geothermal Power:

ONGC stated drilling its first well at Puga (Ladakh) to generate electricity using geothermal power to reduce the dependence of Ladakh on diesel-run generators.

  • Puga hot spring area, located at the junction of the Indian and Tibetan plates along the Indus Suture Zone, has the greatest potential for the near-term development of geothermal energy in the Indian subcontinent
  • As per the Geological Survey of India, there are around 340 geothermal hot springs in India (e.g., Chummathang (Ladakh), Cambay (Gujarat), Khammam (Telangana), Tattapani (Chattisgarh), and Ratnagiri (MH)
  • Though India has been one of the earliest countries to begin geothermal projects way back in the 1970s, but at present, there are no operational geothermal plants in India.
  • The top five countries in terms of geothermal power generation are the US, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico and New Zealand