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Gifted Child Category : Qualifying Criteria By AICTE

Gifted Child Category : Qualifying Criteria By AICTE

Last month, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) stated that it will allow institutions to set aside two more seats under the “gifted child” category.

The criteria:

  • A prizewinner of at least one national/international level competition organised by a government or a recognised private body.
  • Has received funding from a government agency for pursuing innovative projects.
  • Is a candidate having high-quality original research article publications in peer-reviewed journals as the first author.
  • Is the primary holder of a patent granted by an Indian or international patent office.
  • Is the owner of an app on Google/Apple/Windows stores or has launched or is in process of launching a technology based innovative product in the market (with more than 10,000 downloads).

Benefits for students under this category:

  • Institutions admitting students under this scheme are committed to give a complete tuition waiver to the admitted students.