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Greening Curriculum Guidance : UNESCO

Greening Curriculum Guidance : UNESCO

UNESCO has launched the Greening Curriculum Guidance (GCG) and Green School Quality Standards (GSQS) under the Greening Education Partnership.

  • Greening at least 50% of schools globally by 2030 through the Greening Education Partnership.
  • Target Audience: Policy-makers, education ministries, educators, learners, and communities.
  • A practical manual outlining climate education, detailing learning outcomes, and guiding countries to integrate environmental topics into curricula.
  • Sets minimum requirements for creating green schools through an action-oriented approach.

Pillars of Green Education:

  • Greening Schools: Ensure schools achieve green accreditation.
  • Greening Curriculum: Integrate climate education into all levels of education.
  • Greening Teacher Training: Build school capacities for climate education.
  • Greening Communities: Enhance community resilience through learning centres.

Greening Education Partnership:

  • The Greening Education Partnership is a global initiative comprising 80 member states, aiming to tackle the climate crisis through education.
  • It focuses on equipping learners with the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes necessary to address climate change and promote sustainable development.
  • The partnership emphasizes greening schools, integrating climate education into curricula, enhancing teacher training, and strengthening community resilience.