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The ongoing stalemate in the Indian Parliament has led to the possibility of the government using ‘guillotine’ to fast-track the passage of the Finance Bill without any discussion in the Lok Sabha.

  • This has led to confusion and questions about what exactly guillotine means in legislative parlance.
  • The term guillotine originally referred to an apparatus designed for executions by beheading.
  • It was introduced in France during the French Revolution to make capital punishment more reliable and less painful.
  • In legislative parlance, guillotine means to bunch together and fast-track the passage of financial business.
  • It is a fairly common procedural exercise in Lok Sabha during the Budget Session.
  • Once the guillotine is applied, any remaining demands for grants are put to vote without further discussion.
  • This ensures that the budget is passed within the allocated time, and the government can continue its work without any delay.