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Gujarat Freedom Of Religion (Amendment) Bill, 2021

Gujarat Freedom Of Religion (Amendment) Bill, 2021:

Gujarat Governor has given his assent to the Gujarat Freedom of Religion (Amendment) Bill, 2021, which has been projected as the “anti-love jihad” Bill.

  • The Bill was passed in the state assembly during the budget session held in March 2021.
  • The Gujarat Freedom of Religion (Amendment) Bill 2021 proposes punishment of 3-10 years in jail for forcible or fraudulent religious conversions through marriage.
  • The bill amends the Gujarat Freedom of Religion Act, 2003.
  • The amendment aims to reduce the “emerging trend” where women are “lured to marriage” for the purposes of religious conversion.
  • The 2003 act dealt with religious conversions through “force or by misrepresentation or by any other fraudulent means”.
  • The amendment bill mentioned promises of a better lifestyle, impersonation, and ‘divine blessing’.
  • The states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh also enacted similar “anti-love jihad” laws that banned “fraudulent” conversions through marriage.