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India Infrastructure Report 2023

India Infrastructure Report 2023:

The India Infrastructure Report 2023 on Urban Planning and Development was recently released virtually.

  • The report is a collaborative effort by the IDFC Foundation, Infrastructure Development Corporation (Karnataka) Ltd. (iDeCK), and the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA).
  • The report, part of the India Infrastructure Report series, covers various complex issues related to urban planning and development.
  • The report include Planning and Governance, Smart Initiatives, PPPs and Financing, Housing and Migration, Public Service Delivery, Integrating Infrastructure, and Urban Redevelopment.

Highlights of the Report 2023:

  • Spotlight on the transformative potential of digital technology in shaping the urban landscape of India.
  • Focus areas include the concept of ‘smart cities’ and the significance of performance ranking criteria.
  • Examination of financial dimensions of urban development, with a special emphasis on public-private partnerships (PPPs), the financial sustainability of urban local bodies, and the efficacy of municipal bonds as potent financing instruments.
  • Urban transportation planning and urban redevelopment as pivotal components of effective urban governance through transit-oriented development, efficient urban goods movement, and floor space and land price regulation in India.