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Indian Environment Service (IES)

Indian Environment Service (IES):

The Supreme Court asked the Centre to establish a dedicated Indian Environment Service (IES) at the all-India level.

  • The creation of IES was recommended by a committee headed by former Cabinet Secretary TSR Subramanian in 2014.
  • It will act as an expert group in the public and quasi-governmental sectors over the next decades, regarding environmental matters.
  • The constant environmental degradation, ecological imbalance, climate change, water scarcity, etc. are a great concern for India.
  • The citizens are facing many environmental issues such as air pollution, water pollution, non-eradication of solid waste and garbage and pollution of the natural environment.
  • One of the major causes of environmental degradation is the flaw of the existing system that lies in the enforcement capabilities of environmental institutions at various levels.
  • IES will overlap with the already existing one All India Service (Indian Forest Service).
  • Apart from this, IES will also pose the challenge to federal structure.