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India’s Bid For Permanent Membership In Reformed UNSC, NSG

India’s Bid For Permanent Membership In Reformed UNSC, NSG:

France has reiterated its commitment to support India’s bid for permanent membership in a reformed UN Security Council and New Delhi’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group.

  • The demand has been supported by: Four out of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council have bilaterally expressed support for India’s candidature.
  • India is the founding member of the UN.
  • India, till now has been elected for multiple terms for a two-year non-permanent member seat.
  • India has almost twice the number of peacekeepers deployed on the ground than by P5 countries.
  • India being the largest democracy and second-most populous country (soon to become most populous) in the world, are the primary reasons for it to be granted permanent membership in UNSC.
  • India’s acquired status of a Nuclear Weapons State (NWS) in May 1998 also makes India a natural claimant as a permanent member similar to the existing permanent members who are all Nuclear Weapon States.
  • India is the undisputed leader of the Third world countries, as reflected by its leadership role in the Non-Aligned Movement.

About NSG:

  • The 48-member NSG is an elite club of countries that deals with the trade-in nuclear technology and fissile materials besides contributing to the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.
  • Brought in 1974– in response to the Indian nuclear test (smiling Buddha).
  • It is a Group of nuclear supplier countries that seek to prevent nuclear proliferation by controlling the export of materials, equipment and technology that can be used to manufacture nuclear weapons.
  • The NSG first met in November 1975 in London, and is thus popularly referred to as the “London Club”.
  • Its guidelines are not binding.