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Island On The Air (IOTA) Programme

Island On The Air (IOTA) Programme:

A dedicated team of amateur radio operators (HAMs) embarked on a significant journey from the cyclone shelters of Nachugunta Island, Andhra Pradesh, to participate in the Island on the Air (IOTA) expedition Programme.

  • Island On The Air (IOTA) Programme is a pioneering programme that connects radio amateurs worldwide with stations on islands.
  • It was established in 1964.
  • It is managed by IOTA Ltd in collaboration with the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), categorising islands into groups for communication.
  • Amateur Radio is a popular hobby involving the use of radio frequency spectrum for non-commercial purposes.
  • HAM radio operators communicate using designated radio frequencies, engaging in diverse activities like contests, emergency communication support, experimentation, technical learning, and community engagement.
  • The hobby offers a unique blend of technical learning, community engagement, and global connectivity through radio waves, emphasising innovation and service