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Lab-Grown Fish

Lab-Grown Fish:

ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) has entered into a collaborative research agreement with a private-sector start-up offering cultivated meat technology solutions to grow fish meat in the laboratory.

  • Lab-grown fish is merely a type of lab-grown or cultivated/cultured meat.
  • Seafood without the sea is ‘grown’ in the same way as other cultivated meats are grown without the need to raise and kill an animal.
  • Cultivated fish meat is produced by isolating specific cells from fish and growing them in a laboratory setting using media that is free of animal components.
  • The final product is expected to replicate the flavour, texture, and nutritional qualities of ‘real’ fish meat.
  • It will focus on the genetic, biochemical, and analytical work related to the project.
  • In its cell culture lab, it will carry out research on early cell line development of high-value marine fish species — a process that involves isolating and cultivating fish cells for further research and development.
  • It will initially focus on developing cell-based meat of fish such as pomfret, kingfish, and seerfish.
  • A number of countries have made great strides in this pioneering technology.