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SCO Meet : To Be Held In August 2023

SCO Meet : To Be Held In August 2023

The Shanghai Cooperation Meet is to be held in August 2023 under India’s chairmanship.

  • 2023 is India’s year as the country is hosting two major international meets the SCO and the G-20.
  • The Global South looks up to these meetings.
  • SCO members rotate the chairmanship amongst themselves.
  • As a responsible chairperson, India has invited Pakistan and China as they are also members of SCO along with Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.


  • SCO meet is to be held under the theme “FOR A SECURE SCO”. Here SECURE includes the following concept:
    • S: Security for citizens
    • E: Economic Development
    • C: Connectivity
    • U: Unity
    • R: Respect
    • E: Environmental Protection