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MedTech Mitra

MedTech Mitra:

The Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare in India, has launched the “MedTech Mitra” initiative to empower innovators and advance healthcare solutions in the country.

  • The initiative aims to support and collaborate with technology innovators and startups in the medical technology sector.
  • The goal is to harness innovation to enhance healthcare delivery and address healthcare challenges.
  • MedTech Mitra is a platform that will help young talents of country in shaping their research and getting regulatory approval.
  • It will facilitate indigenous development of affordable, quality MedTech devices and diagnostics leading to reduction in import dependence (presently around 80%) in MedTech.
  • MedTech Mitra is part of the government’s efforts to promote innovation in the health sector and improve healthcare services in the country.