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MICE RAIN in Australia

MICE RAIN: Australia:

The government of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia has extended a support package of $50 million to farmers to deal with a devastating mouse plague that has affected farmers, community members, and residents.

  • To control the plague, the government has now authorized the use of an otherwise outlawed poison called
  • The current plague is being called one of the worst plagues in decades and started being reported around mid-March in Australia’s eastern states.
  • In some places, residents of affected areas reported mice falling out from rooftops causing “mice rain”.
  • Researchers attribute the plague to an unusually abundant grain harvest, which caused a surplus of mice earlier in the season.
  • Add to this the fact that mice have a short breeding cycle (a pair of breeding mice can give birth to a new litter every 21 days or so) and are not very choosy about food.
  • Rodents (which includes rats and mice) are the second most successful mammals on the planet after humans.
  • Rodents are capable of destroying food grains and can cause widespread damage to domestic households, commercial businesses, farms, manufacturers,, and livestock
  • Further, rodents can not only gnaw through materials but can also ruin supplies by excreting them.
  • Rodents can also cause diseases such as leptospirosis and typhus fever. They can also carry fleas or ticks that can harm pets and humans.