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Mission To Save Vultures : Tamil Nadu

Mission To Save Vultures:

Tamil Nadu recently launched mission to save critically endangered vultures.

  • The committee, which has a two-year tenure, will take steps for monitoring the conservation and recovery of existing vulture sites and mapping of vulture populations across the State for creating safe zones.
  • It will work to eliminate the use of toxic veterinary drugs (Diclofenac), the main reason for vulture fatalities.
  • Prevention of poisoning of cattle carcasses, the principal food of vultures, is also one of the responsibilities of the newly formed committee.
  • In Tamil Nadu, four species of vultures are found —
    • the Oriental white-backed vulture,
    • the long-billed vulture,
    • the red-headed vulture, and
    • the Egyptian vulture.
    • The first three are residents and can be found in the landscapes of the Nilgiris and Sathyamangalam.

Vulture population:

  • 96% of India’s vulture population declined between 1993 and 2003.
  • Therefore, the Central government put into place two action plans to protect the species at the national level — the first in 2006 and the second, ongoing plan for 2020-2025.
  • One of the important action points in this nationwide plan is the formation of State-level committees to save the critically endangered population of vultures.

Vulture species in India:

  • 9 species of vultures are found in India.
  • Of these nine species, 4 are listed as Critically Endangered species of Vultures and one as endangered species in IUCN red list of endangered species.