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Mount Kanlaon

Mount Kanlao :

A volcanic eruption at Mount Kanlaon in the Philippines led to rivers of cold lava, or lahar.

  • Cold lava, or “lahar,” is a hazardous flow of volcanic material, debris, and water that descends rapidly from volcanoes, resembling a fast-moving landslide rather than molten lava.
  • This dense mixture forms when water interacts with volcanic ash and debris on a volcano’s slopes, creating a river-like flow that can be more destructive than molten lava due to its speed and force.
  • The term “cold lava” is misleading, as it remains hot internally but appears and behaves like wet concrete.
  • Driven by gravity and the volume of displaced material, lahars can travel far from the volcano’s summit, picking up additional debris and increasing in volume and destructive power.