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Nano Urea Plants To Be Set Up Across The Country By 2025

Nano Urea Plants To Be Set Up Across The Country By 2025:

The Chemical and Fertilizer Minister said Nine Nano Urea plants to be set up across the country by 2025

  • The ministry is aiming to manufacture 44 crore bottles of Nano Urea by the year 2025.
  • To achieve the target nine plants will be set up across the country.
  • Nano Urea is a nanotechnology-based revolutionary Agri-input that provides nitrogen to plants.
  • It is developed and patented by the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO).
  • IFFCO Nano Urea is the only nano fertilizer approved by the Government of India and included in the Fertilizer Control Order (FCO).
  • Compared to conventional urea prill, Nano Urea has a desirable particle size of about 20-50 nm and more surface area (10,000 times over 1 mm urea prill) and number of particles (55,000 nitrogen particles over 1 mm urea prill).
  • It contains 4.0 % total nitrogen (w/v).
  • The urea absorption rate by crops is 80 percent in the case of Nano Urea whereas the traditional urea absorption rate is only 30 percent.
  • Nano Urea is cost-effective and demonstrated an increase in crop yield.
  • It is produced by an energy-efficient, environment-friendly production process with less carbon footprints.
  • It is also easy to store than urea bags.