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National Cyber Security Strategy 2020

National Cyber Security Strategy 2020:

A National Cyber Security Strategy 2020 is being formulated by the Office of National Cyber Security Coordinator at the National Security Council Secretariat.

  • Cyber Security is protecting cyberspace including critical information infrastructure from attack, damage, misuse, and economic espionage.
  • The National Security Council (NSC) of India is a three-tiered organization that oversees political, economic, energy, and security issues of strategic concern.

National Cyber Security Strategy 2020:

  • Aim: To improve cyber awareness and cybersecurity through more stringent audits.
  • Impanelled cyber auditors will look more carefully at the security features of organizations than are legally necessary now.
  • There will be table-top cyber crisis management exercises regularly to reinforce the idea that cyberattacks can take place regularly.
  • It does call for an index of cyber preparedness and attendant monitoring of performance.
  • A separate budget for cybersecurity is suggested, as also to synergize the role and functions of various agencies with the requisite domain knowledge.