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Cardinal (Catholic Church)

Cardinal (Catholic Church):

Pope Francis announced that he will create 21 new Cardinals, including two from India at a Consistory on, 27 August, 2022.

  • The two Cardinals from India are Archbishop Filipe Neri António Sebastião di Rosário Ferrão, Archbishop of Goa and Damão and -Archbishop Anthony Poola, Archbishop of Hyderabad.
  • These cardinals represent the Church worldwide, and reflect a wide variety of cultures, contexts and pastoral ministries.
  • He also said that he will meet from August 29 and 30 with all the cardinals to reflect on the new Apostolic Constitution Praedicate evangelium.
  • A cardinal (literally “cardinal of the Holy Roman Church”) is a senior member of the clergy of the Catholic Church, immediately behind the pope in the order of precedence.
  • Collectively, they constitute the College of Cardinals, and are appointed for life.